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Artistic Director Adam Zane is an experienced drama teacher, lecturer and workshop facilitator.


Hive North provide a range of workshops to meet the individual needs of organisations. Whether as part of a production or exploring a specific issue, Hope is skilled and experienced in delivering workshops that engage and educate the participants.

Workshops include:

Homophobia and Hate Crime

This workshop is designed for schools (Key Stage 3) and organisations wanting to tackle discriminatory language, bullying and hate crime. Participants explore the effects of discrimination and learn how to challenge bullying and hate. The workshop explores the story of Matthew Shepard and why his story promoted a greater understanding of hate crime internationally.


Out and Proud

Adam Zane and company members visit primary and secondary schools and discuss coming out, challenging stereotypes and celebrating diversity. The workshop uses real life coming out stories and personal accounts to promote a greater understanding and acceptance of difference.


Verbatim Theatre

This fun and creative workshop gives participants a clear understanding of verbatim theatre and explores the challenges faced when creating and staging productions. Adam Zane and company members share their experiences and help participants explore this exciting and important style of theatre.

Homophobia & Hate Crime Workshop

“It's amazing how much you may have helped change perceptions, tackle bullying and even helped some of the kids personally - absolutely brilliant work, keep it up!”

Teacher, Wentworth High School

Homophobia & Hate Crime Workshop

“I learnt that families come in all different shapes and sizes and it’s good to be different!”

Pupil, Alma Park Primary School