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Schools across Greater Manchester have the opportunity to raise awareness and understanding of diversity and discrimination through Hive North's annual theatre-in-education play and workshop, seen by over 50,000 young people. 


OUTLOUD has a proven track record of changing attitudes and raising awareness of homophobia, bullying and discrimination. The play is also designed to empower young LGBT+ people by celebrating diversity and discussing LGBT+ role models.


Ofsted recently visited a school that receives the play OUTLOUD every year. In the Ofsted report, it was noted:


'The values, ethos and policies of the school in regard to homophobic bullying are very well reinforced.'


Developed in partnership with Healthy Schools (NHS Manchester), the play uses real interviews with young people in Greater Manchester and is updated annually to give a true reflection of their thoughts and experiences.

Previous evaluations show that the play has an immediate impact upon young people. Before the play, 21% of young people would challenge or report homophobia or homophobic bullying in schools. Following the play/workshop, 93% of pupils would challenge or report homophobia or homophobic bullying. (Based on 2,356 responses)





OUTLOUD will be available for your school during

Greater Manchester's Hate Crime Awareness Week

& LGBTQ+ History Month


5th February 2024 - 8th March 2024

5th February 2024 - 9th February 2024



Parrs Wood High School

The best theatre-in-education I've seen. It was very well targeted and got the message across

H. Walker

 Health & Humanities Curriculum Leader

The actors were really skilled in engaging with the students…so much more beneficial than a classroom session

J. Bowen

Head of English

The play helps the students to understand the effects of bullying and the way they communicate with each other


When visiting schools we are taking every precaution we can to ensure the safety of your pupils and staff, and the Hive North staff running the sessions.


We will work with each school to meet the needs of the school and their Covid precautions.


All of the Hive North team will be vaccinated before the tour and tested regularly throughout.




If you'd like more information or to confirm a booking, please use the contact details below. 

Adam Zane
Artistic Director

t: 07984446074

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